Classic Ghooghri Bracelet


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Classic Ghooghri Bracelet: Handcrafted using fine quality brass, chains and ghooghris with light silver and gold plating on it.


Silver – Gold




14 x 2.5 cm

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  1. The metal used in making jewellery is silver plated brass and gold plated brass.
  2. Enamel jewellery will be different from each other as they are hand painted. The colour of the enamel may also vary from your previous purchase.
  3. The jewellery made out of natural stone, will be a slight different in the earrings of the same pair because natural stone has their own natural cut and shade of colour.
  4. Store the jewellery in the given zip lock pouch.
  5. Keep the jewellery away from water. You can clean gently with a soft, lint free cloth.
  6. Avoid contact with harsh chemicals, fragrance and even cosmetics after wearing jewellery


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